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Indian Breakfast

Shop from wide varieties of poha, daliya, seviyan from Wonder Food Mart.

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Shrihit Broken Rice

Shrihit's Broken rice is a grade of rice consisting of grains broken in the milling process
Rs. 24
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Shrihit Poha

Shrihit's Poha is a simple and nutrtious breakfast option. We ensure that you only get high quality flattened rice to start your morning with.
Rs. 31
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Shrihit Sama/ Small Millet

Shrihit's Sama/ Small Millet is rich in digestible fibers, minerals andvitamins and offers excellent nourishment
Rs. 42
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Shrihit Multigrain Dalia

Shrihit Multigrain Dalia is perfect for breakfast and makes a wholesome meal. It's made up of 7 grains which makes it high in protien and fibre. It's made from 100% natural ingredients
Rs. 48
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Shrihit Whole Wheat Dalia

Shrihit Whole Wheat Dalia is perfect for breakfast and makes a wholesome meal. Whole wheat dalia is low in calaories and high in fibre and protein which helps to maintain calorie count. Our dalia is made in digital flour plant ensuring safety and hygiene.
Rs. 20
+ -

Shrihit Sevai

Shrihit’s Vermicelli makes a perfect snack. Prepare sweet kheer or make savoury vermicelli
Rs. 19
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