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Packed Atta & Flours

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Shrihit Kuttu/ Buckwheat Atta

Shrihit Kuttu Atta is loaded with high-quality proteins, large amount of fibre, essential nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals.
Rs. 45
+ -

Shrihit Rajgira/Amaranth Atta

Rajgira is also Known as Amaranth is a Power House of Nutrients.
Rs. 60
+ -

Shrihit Singhara Atta

Singhara, an all-time favourite during the fasting season, is a gluten free flour.
Rs. 91
+ -

Shrihit Ultra Diet Atta

Shrihit's Ultra Diet atta is made with the wholesome goodness of 14 grains
Rs. 85
+ -

Shrihit Suji

Shrihit's suji is made from best quality wheat. It contains only natural ingredients. Its high in protein and vitamins
Rs. 24
+ -

Shrihit Makka/ Corn Flour

Makka Flour is gluten free. It's made from sweet corn kernels. Its high in protein , fibre and vitamins. It has a sweet taste
Rs. 43
+ -

Shrihit Maida

Shrihit's maida is finely milled without any bran and is bleached. It's extensively used in baking and fast food preparation
Rs. 23
+ -

Shrihit Bajra/ Pearl Millet Flour

Bajra Flour is gluten free. It is high in iron, protein and fibre. It's ideal for a weight-loss diet
Rs. 41
+ -

Shrihit Besan/ chickpea Flour

Shrihit's Besan is gluten free It has higher protein content compared to other flours. Process: Chana Dal is cleaned and is sent to ground using our modern chakki plant. After processing our chakki fresh besan atta is packaged hygenically.
Rs. 47
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