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Products tagged with 'whole wheat atta'

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Shrihit Kuttu/ Buckwheat Atta

Shrihit Kuttu Atta is loaded with high-quality proteins, large amount of fibre, essential nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals.
Rs. 45
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Shrihit Multigrain Atta

Shrihit's Multigrain atta is made with the wholesome goodness of 4 grains namely, wheat; barley; sorghum; chickpea.
Rs. 80
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Shrihit Prime Sharbati Atta

Shrihit's Prime Atta is a fine blend of Sharbati wheat which comes from parts of MP. Sharbati wheat is sweet in taste.
Rs. 170
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Shrihit Rajgira/Amaranth Atta

Rajgira is also Known as Amaranth is a Power House of Nutrients.
Rs. 60
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Shrihit Traditional Atta

Shrihit's Traditional Fine Atta is a blend of desi wheat.
Rs. 150
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Shrihit Ultra Diet Atta

Shrihit's Ultra Diet atta is made with the wholesome goodness of 14 grains
Rs. 85
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